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Le Sigh...

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Darcy's Gossip

Shamelessly updating on personal news.. 
Darcy & Marv got partnered!

We've been friends for a very long time (by SL standards) and I couldn't be happier now we have taken the next step...


Dancing sucks

Well no, it doesn't, I love to dance in SL but what puzzles me is that some places that shall remain nameless are quite prepared to spend $300 US a month on a sim, create a lovely environment, fill it with vendors to support their costs and then when it comes to dances... what goes wrong? A splattering of poseballs covering Bits and Bobs Slow dances 3 to 10!

What's wrong with that? Pose balls suck! They use prims (shuddup Darcy & Raven you prim hogging bitches), they look ugly but worse of all, they just cover one dance and really...guys...if you want me to dance, I want my dance to match the music, I do NOT want to be stuck on Slow Dance v7 for an hour.

What's worse is that few of these places seem to consider it an issue. So let me check this back, it's a dance venue... you spend up to $300 a month on tier and don't consider a one off cost of say $40 to $50 on a fully loaded Intan Couples Dance Ball?
To counter this, I have my own Intan CDB which I take with me but *sighs, once again, not only do most of these places have lame dances, they won't let your rez even with say autoreturn at 1 minute, or no scripts so I still can't dance there, no correct, WON'T dance there.

One place...a salsa garden has pretty dire salsa's yet when contacted, the owner said that they were from the best animator in SL but then conceded that they were a few years old. Duh! People are using motion capture these days and the dances rock. Don't expect me to get excited over a jerky hand animated dance that is beaten hands down by the awesome motion captured stuff by 3fx for example. Yet again he wouldn't allow rez or scripts, paranoid about griefers *sighs.

Listen up people who host dance venues...either get with the program and offer us a super wide range of dances in an Intan system or let us use our own and ffs, keep up with the latest dances. Thanks.


I'm TOO busy to deal with you!

"Vendors", "Creators", "Designers" call them what you like but what is it with some of them? Their attitude stinks! You read their profile and all you see is things like "MY IM'S ARE CAPPED SEND A NOTECARD" or "BE RUDE AND I WILL MUTE YOU". So I have some sympathy with the last one but this whole send a notecard is frankly convoluted and unnecessary.

Just create a customer service email account and set IM's to email, is that really so difficult? Sometimes i'm just convinced that the "send a notecard" routine is just to fob people off and hope they can't be bothered. Simple solution, next time, don't be bothered to shop there either.

Sellers...sort yourselves out. Thanks.